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Old Music Projects:

This section is a collection of old recordings from past music projects made by Evan Cowell. To the left are brief desrcriptions about each project and the recordings.



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evana project (2001-2005):
This was the first solo music project that Evan ever created. Utilizing old tape decks to record various sounds and instruments, evana project was about mixing and experimenting with the recording process through experimental methods to create music that pushed the bouderies of cassette tapes. The project ended for new musical persuits.
Voice Transmissions (2004-2006):
After years of recording using tape decks Evan recieved a 4-track machine that allowed him to multitrack and later, a computer with some actual multitrack recording software. Through sampling and editting from various sources, Voice Transmissions was born. The project's focus was to mix recording methods to create electronic music and to learn and experiment with these new tools. The result was often times comical and nonsensical.
YAY! happy Sad. (2006-2007):
YAY! happy Sad., emerged as a musical project from a love of old keyboards and lonely nights with nothing to do and no money to buy proper instruments. It is a symphony of sad and cute little songs about nothing and everything at the same time and was at first an extenssion of the Snow and Pedals project. Eventually it developed more and is now considered its on project.